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The PQ technology is stable of technologies that Preon regulary provides/commissions when providing a power/energy platform for the Data Center niche (Markets Served). These technologies include, but are not limited to: UPS, Gensets, Switchgear, Battery Monitoring and Data Center Monitoring. Preon also provides PQ technologies in the light rail and medical industries with Powernetics (England) and Isotrol (Germany).


UPS: Preon has sold and commissioned over 600 Three Phase UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems in the Chicago Metro and Great Lakes area since 1996. The UPS is the heart of any data center critical power environment. Preon provides the highest quality manufacturers as a Value-Added-Reseller (VAR) or representative. Preon engineers, project managers and sales staff works closely with specifying engineers, electrical contractors, distributors and end-users by providing product-only and turnkey services. Systems sizes range from 10 kVA to multiple/parallel 750 kVA modules. Represented or VAR vendors include Mitsubishi, General Electric andPowerware. Preon is the exclusive sales and service agent to the Chicago Transit Authority with the Powernetics custom UPS from England: over 30 stations include custom UPS commissioned by Preon. Ancillary products such as  Flywheels, BTech Battery Monitoring, Modius Data Center Monitoring and TVSS are often integrated into the design and sale of critical power systems.


Gensets: All data centers are backed-up with standby internal combustion reciprocating engine generator systems (Gensets). As an Energy Integrator, Preon also provides and maintains the gensets. Clients benefit from single-point of responsibility/service when both the UPS and gensets are provided by Preon. Preon is best suited to engineer turnkey solutions for projects requiring quick and sometimes immediate delivery. Preon also works with the local specifying engineer to assure comprehensive manufacturer representation. Gensets include “standby” and “continuous” rating natural gas and diesel fuel units; sizes range from up to 400 kW for natural gas and 2MW for diesel fuel. Ancillary products such as Encorp Paralleling Gearand GE/ASCO ATS are often provided.


Switchgear: All new construction projects include Switchgear and Electrical Distribution Equipment (motor control centers, bus duct, safety switches, dry transformers, etc.). Preon works with Switchgear manufactures like Chicago Switchboard, Cutler Hammer and GE such that projects with Gensets and/or UPS can be bundled with Switchgear. Clients often recognize Preon turnkey or single-source responsibility as a major benefit when PQ or DG projects are quoted Switchgear inclusive. Like other represented, sold and serviced products, Preon has the in-house ability to quote, size and provide submittal drawings – again providing single point of contact. Preon’s enterprise-wide monitoring systems often require interface with Switchgear. This is most efficiently accommodated by single sourcing the point of responsibility for both the enterprise-wide monitoring systems and the Switchgear.


Battery Monitoring Systems: Battery failures can represent over 90% of UPS failures. Preon always recommends the utilization of BTech Battery Monitoring Systems such that the impedance and voltage of every battery cell is proactively monitored so that any problem batteries can be replaced before they fail. Preon monitors the condition of all batteries for the client and alerts them of any potential problems and then replaces the battery – seamless to critical data center operations.


Modius Data Center Monitoring: Preon exclusively promotes Modius data center monitoring system. It is vital that all power quality equipment in a data center environment is all centrally monitored. Modius is unique in that it is vendor agnostic, does not require a dedicated hard-wire connection (uses the Internet) and requires no custom software. In the end, it is a very simple/flexible but robust and economic alternative to all data center monitoring needs.


Isolated Power Panels: Preon sells and commissions Isotrol Power Panels to the hospital and medical Industry. Medical environments require isolated, safe and certifiable power that cannot be facilitated with “out of the box” standard panelboards. Isotrol of Germany arguably manufactures the standard of the Industry.