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Micro Turbines are the cornerstone of Preon’s DG stable – just as UPS is the heart of Preon’s PQ offerings. Preon has been proactively promoting Micro Turbines since 2000 and is one of the most established Energy Integrators of Micro Turbines in the nation. The business proposition benefits from the internal cross pollinating of the DG and Technology business units. Our greatest competitive differentiator is the engineered application of micro turbines to specific and unique applications.  Preon recognized the synergy of applying Micro Turbines in its legacy market niche of data centers: a perfect match due to balance, even and continuous electrical and thermal loads. Preon’s Technology business unit beta tested its “Bunker Power” design in data centers with a “green” agenda. Preon is also the preeminent Energy Integrator of Micro Turbines in the Wyoming coal bed methane energy market and is providing custom micro turbine skids for natural gas fields for one of the largest oil & gas companies in the world.


Preon is negotiating a renewable energy application/beta contract for Micro Turbines in the pyrolysis of remnant automobile tires with Reklaim. Preon headquarters is strategically located in Chicago Metro – recognized as a leading “hub” for progressive “green” technologies applied to new municipal construction. Preon is currently providing Micro Turbine CHP power plants for the new Chicago Police Stations and is investigating the utilization in existing City buildings that can most effectively utilize the exhaust heat stream – such as high schools with swimming pools. Preon also has LOI’s with several large resorts-hotels and commercial buildings in Chicago, NYC and Orlando/ It is our belief that Preon’s creative application of this technology will be the environmentally responsible means to tap these precious resources.