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Hotels and Resorts represent one of the most favorable applications for micro turbine—based CHP plants. This is mainly due to the 7x24 use of the turbine waste heat for heating and cooling the building required for the living space. The building’s heating needs are satisfied by using the turbine waste heat for the boilers pre-heat loop while the cooling needs are met by converting the waste heat to cooling via an absorption chiller technology. Waste heat can also be utilized for heating swimming pools. Inherent to their design, micro turbines perform the most reliably when operating 7 x 24. Hotels by the nature of their business, also utilize electric power 7 x 24. Micro turbines used for hotels and resorts can reduce energy consumption by 25-50% but they have the additional benefit of providing a redundant source of primary power.


Traditional hotels and resorts are powered by the electric and emergency back-up provided by a smaller genset. However, a facility powered by a micro turbine power plant will provide about 90% of the power via the gas grid (gas is converted to electricity by the micro turbines) and 10% by the electric grid: the electric output of the micro turbines is paralleled automatically with the electric grid. This can be strategically advantageous in hurricane alley of Florida where power disruptions are a seasonal occurrence. Preon has recently secured an LOI for a new 2 micro turbine hotel in Manhattan, 20-micro turbine plant in Orlando. Preon’s Orlando office focuses on the hotel/resort markets in Florida and Puerto Rico.