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Light rail commuter trains require reliable and redundant power systems. These transit systems are prevalent in high density metro areas with Chicago as the second largest market.  Light rail represents fertile demographic grounds for Preon’s core competency. The power needs for light rail can be very specific and different than those of a data center. Light rail requires DC power versus AC power and the equipment must perform in outdoor conditions versus a temperature and humidity controlled data center. As such, power equipment for light rail must be built to a much more robust specification.
Preon is the exclusive representative of Powernetics of England. Powernetics manufactures power supplies to an owner’s specification whereas all domestic manufacturer to their own standard design. This provides an end product built to conform to exactly the light rail requirements. Preon is the exclusive provider of power supplies (custom UPS) for the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). Preon is also investigating the application of flywheels for the “recycling” of starting and braking energy. Traditional light rail systems require a surge of energy to energize the rails as the trains leave the station and the train is subsequently slowed with resistance breaking. It may be possible to accommodate these otherwise inefficient power profiles with flywheels that can provide energy during the starting and absorb energy during the braking phase. This practice would be consistent with Preon’s core commitment to a “green” approach to energy integration.