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All Police, Fire, and 911 Dispatch Centers require secure power even during a disaster. Traditionally this dictated the utilization of diesel or natural gas gensets. These facilities also have a limited IT infrastructure that may require an on-site date centers and that correlates to the use of UPS systems. Unfortunately, recent history has shown that an Emergency Response facility supported only by the electric grid and diesel gensets does not provide adequately secure power infrastructure. But now, Preon is currently commissioning Chicago Police Stations that have embraced a much more secure and robust power infrastructure supported by (2) primary power sources: the electric grid and the natural gas grid.


With this improved design, should the electric grid be disrupted, the natural gas grid provides the source of energy to a continuously-operating micro turbine. Furthermore, the exhaust heat off the micro turbine is the source of “free” and highly efficient energy required for the facility heating. Chicago will have the first police stations utilizing this micro turbine-based DG approach. Preon also is working with the City of Chicago in the review of standby diesel gensets for the fire stations that utilize (more environmentally friendly) 100% biodegradable diesel fuel.