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All data centers require Preon’s Power Quality and Service Solutions. The heart of the power infra structure equipment is the UPS and back-up/standby genset. These systems are often augmented by battery monitoring systems, data monitoring systems, static transfer switches, harmonic mitigating transformers, paralleling gear and batteries. Preon has also been involved in more environmentally sensitive data centers utilizing flywheels and micro turbines. Data centers are an ideal application for distributed generation via micro turbines. The electric and thermal energy profile is close to even, balanced and continuous. That facilitates the highest system efficiency since almost all of the micro turbine exhaust heat provides useful “free” energy for absorption chillers. Compared to typical electric grid/DX (direct expansion) air conditioning units on the data center floor, a data center utilizing Distributed Generation with micro turbines and absorption chillers will have a 50% reduction energy input. Even when compared to the most (electric grid-based) efficient liquid-cooled scroll compressors, the DG approach will provide for a 30% reduction in energy.
Whether a data center is electric grid-based or DG-based, all equipment is maintained by Preon’s Service business unit. Preon has sold and commissioned over 400 Three Phase UPS utilized in the data center market. Preon Technology sector has also provided the design and equipment for the first beta site data center utilizing micro turbines as well as the first commercially operating data centers utilizing micro turbines with absorption chillers. Most recently Preon has also provided the largest single data center application for lightweight flywheels – a facility utilizing (36) flywheels under one roof.