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The traditional market for the sale of PQ equipment is the Data Center and Preon’s presence in this niche has become even more pronounced with the complimentary addition of DG. However, it was soon realized that Preon’s more hands-on and customized/technical approach to the integration of PQ products provided a unique opportunity to provide sales and service offerings to the Light Rail Market. Preon now exclusively provides customized power supplies from England (Powernetics) for the Chicago Transit Authority. That product offering may be expanded to flywheels. Likewise, the confluence of PQ and DG products indicated that Emergency Response Centers would be the perfect host/client. Emergency Response Centers often include data centers plus they have a requirement for secure redundant power.


Preon is providing the UPS, gensets and micro turbines for the new Chicago Police Stations. Furthermore, when DG solutions were added to the Preon arsenal, the Energy Industry seemed as logical focus as data centers were for DG equipment. Preon Technology has successfully beta tested the PowerPod™ for utilization in the CBM fields and anticipates substantial short-term business in the bio gas niche too. As the Energy Industry continues its development of green renewable energy versus fossil fuels, the need for Preon’s DG products will continue to grow.