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The theoretical and economic advantage of CHP is usually very compelling. However, converting the “theoretical” into the “practical” requires many years of engineering and hands-on experience with specific CHP technologies – especially when CHP plants are being applied to existing buildings as a “retrofit” – which is often the circumstance: much planning and know-how is required to apply the technologies such that they can interface with the existing mechanical, electrical and structural infrastructure.


At step 7 when Preon is under the LOI, a “firm” (+/- 5%) quote is configured. To facilitate this, a detailed Scope of Work is required so the installing/bidding electrical and mechanical contractors can determine a “firm” quote. The Scope of Work docs are developed by Preon’s Application Engineering Department after a site walk-through. The Application Engineering Department also fields all questions by the installing contractors. The Preon Application Engineering Department works with the Engineering and R&D Department in the proper sizing and selection of power generation equipment with heat recovery equipment/technologies.


Preon’s Application Engineering Department is located in New York State where many years of experience were gained in applying CHPM plants to very challenging projects: existing high rises in densely populated Manhattan. Preon Application Engineers are BSME or BSEE credentialed engineers. Preon Application Engineers are also factory-trained in the maintenance and trouble-shooting of micro turbine technologies and paralleling gear/controls.