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A key differentiator for Preon as an “Energy Integrator” from ESCOs is the ability to engineer and customize equipment. Standard “off the shelf: micro turbines are purchased from Calnetix and customized with integrated and engineered components such as compressors, viable frequency drives, transducers, meters, controls and communications software. Preon has written the source code for software used to remotely monitor and control all commissioned micro turbines.


Furthermore, Preon designs and fabricates the mechanical interface between micro turbine exhaust and the absorption chiller input. Custom enclosures are jointly designed with our enclosure fabricator – FabTech of Casper Wyoming. Custom enclosures provide modularity, flexibility and functionality. Costs can be reduced by assembling (bolting together) pre-fabricated skids versus ground-up assembly in high-density urban projects.


Preon’s Engineering and R&D facility is located in Sheridan Wyoming: close to our Remote Gas Applications and our fabricating partner: FabTech of Casper Wyoming. Preon Engineering and R&D has the ability and resources to assist in the development of remote gas development: well drilling, design of gas line and power line distribution, water resource allocation, gas dehydration and gas compression. Preon Engineering and R&D also assist in all Renewable Gas Applications. All of these gases need to be analyzed and conditioned prior to combustion in the CHP plant. Finally, all micro turbine CHP projects are site-commissioned by the Preon Engineering and R&D Department before they are turned over to the Preon Service Department. Commissioning requires knowledge of how the turbines interact with the gas utility, electric utility, internal controls/communications, HVAC equipment and the building automation/management system. At a minimum, Preon engineers are degreed BSME or BSEE and several engineers have received and/or applied for patents in our area of expertise. Preon engineers are frequently sought as presenting experts at Renewable Energy and CHP conferences.


The Preon Engineering and R&D Department remotely monitors and controls all client micro turbines over the globe so that real-time assistance is provided to all clients via the internet and satellite connections.