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Preon's commitment to on-site DG (distributed generation) has been forged through the last 15 years of its development and implementation. Almost all of our original competitors have closed their doors due to lack of resources to ride-out the long period to market acceptance. Preon was able to sustain its operations during these pioneering days with revenues provided by service contracts with our original data center customers. These clients and maintenance contracts remain a core focus of Preon today and into the future.


Preon is an "organically-grown" firm and assures its viability by avoiding affiliation with VC firms. Preon maintains the power plants and locates a Preon service tech employee at each site to assure plant operations are seamless to the clients business operations. Preon has geographical market focus versus a "shot-gun" approach. Preon invests heavily in it's ability to maintain, engineer and refine (R&D) technologies.


Preon is not limited to the generation of electricity (by means of natural gas or bio/syn gas). Preon has recognized that the glut of low-quality "renewable" electricity dumped to the grid by wind and solar developers has resulted in a downward movement of the value of the utility PPA (power purchase agreement).  Preon R&D is developing a Fischer Tropsch "micro-plant" to convert gas to electric (GTL) and coal to liquid (CTL). This innovation will make Preon on-site energy plants viable in all markets.


Preon applications are limited to on-site power plants that provide 7 x 24 base-load energy, have a favorable environmental impact and are most economically viable. Preon will NOT participate in solar or wind projects. Typical applications include CHP (combined heat and power) plants in urban areas utilizing microturbines fueled by natural gas, CHP plants in urban and rural areas with reciprocating engine-gensets fueled by bio/syn or CHP plants in island applications with reciprocating engine-gensets fueled by flare gas and MSW (municipal solid waste).


Preon has geographical market focus where the solution provides the greatest economic gain to the client and positive impact on the environment: NYC with microturbines on natural gas, Southeast US with reciprocating gensets on bio/syn gas, Caribbean with reciprocating gensets on MSW-to-electric and Nigeria with reciprocating gensets on flare gas. Market/geographical-concentric business approach also allows Preon to concentrate the necessary resources in a location dedicated to a specific project.


Preon has aligned itself with best-in-class and self-funded technology companies: I-Power reciprocating gensets, Powerhearth fixed-bed, linear, down-draft gasfiiers and PEM thermophilic and modular anaerobic digesters. Preon Engineering will modify standard product to comply with project-specific needs.


Preon has structured business groups to effectively facilitate the identified applications, markets and technologies. These business groups are sales, business development, engineering/R&D, application engineering and service.