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Nigeria is the largest African nation and represents the greatest opportunity to bring advanced and renewable energy technologies to solve humanitarian, economic and environmental challenges of epic proportion. Preon Nigeria LLC is uniquely positioned to convert polluting “flare gas” from oil company operations to useful community electricity with its Flare Gas Power Module™.


Furthermore, the mountains of municipal garbage that litter Nigerian cities could be converted to renewable (“green”) electricity with the Waste Gasification System™. Preon’s extensive experience with micro turbines in the USA will be put to the most environmentally and humanely responsible use with the Nigerian-based Preon Nigeria LLC. All power plants will utilize high-spec robust modular equipment manufactured in the USA but maintained by local Nigerian personnel.


With corporate and government corruption being reined in for the first time, the opportunity for environmentally responsible energy initiatives are real. In October 2009 it was reported by Bonny Utility, operating inthe gas-flaring Delta area, that recently energized local power plants utilizing flair gas, have achieved 95% uptime andrevenues generated by the flair gas covered 50% of the utilities operational costs. Furthermore, energy company’s Totalof France and Eni of Italy have facilitated a similar project in the area providing power to 40,000 locals. Local leadershave reconciled the reliable power plant with reduced violence against oil companies. Hamworthy Combustion ofNorway places the cost of a 10 MW plant operating on flair gas at $35M and capable of servicing 20,000 people. In October 2009, Shell Oil announced intentions to utilize micro turbine-basedpower plants to utilize flare gas.


Preon Nigeria, LLC is a subsidiary of Preon, Inc.and US Businessman Sam Nwansi. Preon Nigeria LLC has energy generation platforms that address both the flare gas and municipal solid waste issues that challenge Nigeria today. Preon, Inc is a leading US Energy Integrator in the design, manufacture and maintenance of remote micro turbine-based power plants. Preon is also a joint manufacturer of a gasification system with Waste Gasification Systems (Chicago USA) for the Nigerian market. Sam Nwansi is a distinguished US Citizen/business executive and a native Nigerian with extensive experience and relations in his homeland. Preon, Inc. provides Preon Nigeria LLC with the engineering.