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Gillette Wyoming Coal Bed Methane:
Preon engineered, built and deployed a custom micro turbine iso-container skid containing 2 micro turbines in 2007. The skid operated continuously at 4,000 foot elevation and -40 deg F temperature on raw coal bed methane. The skid was monitored and controlled remotely from satellite connection. Depending on the cost of building the grid to the gas well location, the cost of electric utility can range from $.06 to $.11 per kWh. However, to produce electricity by coal bed methane, electrical cost was possibly much lower: but the nominal amount remains classified information of the gas developer. Electricity is needed to operate well pumps and compressors. In many environmentally sensitive areas, the traditional remote power source of diesel gensets has been nixed by air quality inspectors. Diesel gensets produce 20 times the amount of some harmful contaminants like nitrous oxides.