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Chicago Police Department:
Since 2007 Preon has provided micro turbines CHP plants on the roofs of the stations: District 7and District 9. A 3rd station, District 23, is being commissioned in early 2010 and a 4th station, District 12 will be bidding in Q1 2010. Each micro turbine is a source of electricity and heat. About 90% of the building electric is provided by the micro turbine and about 10% from the electric grid. The waste heat from the turbine is used to warm the facility during the heating months. This template has been previewed during Preon’s presentation at the 2009 Power Gen International, EGSA and the Chicago Energy Summit Conferences. Chicago was the first city to utilize this energy and security enhancement as a template in new Municipal buildings. Preon maintains the micro turbine and data center power quality equipment: UPS, batteries, genset, ATS and paralleling gear.