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One of the greatest challenges of efficient micro turbine operation is the utilization of the waste heat during the cooling months. Absorption chillers solve this issue: through an evaporative process, the turbine waste heat is converted to useful cooling. For smaller plants (100 kW electric micro turbine output), Preon will match a 30 Ton Yazaki absorption chiller. On large systems, a 550 ton Broad (China) or Thermax (India) absorption chiller will require 10 (100 kw-rated) micro turbines. Double-effect direct-fire absorption chillers require “high temperature” heat of 585 deg F or higher to operate within spec.
Absorption chillers have not been a predominant technology amongst domestic manufacturers since the US electric grid is so reliable: electric chillers are utilized in the US.  Double-effect chillers are desirable since they simultaneously provide both heating and cooling – thus increasing operational efficiency. It is important to match the thermal waste heat capacity of the micro turbines with the input requirements of the absorption chiller. Calnetix micro turbines have superior waste heat specifications and are typically provided by Preon when absorption chillers are implemented.