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Unlike high rise resorts and hotels, commercial high rises may not have a constant need of the micro turbines thermal waste heat stream. This makes the use of traditional CHP technologies such as absorption chillers and boilers economically challenging. However, like micro turbines themselves, the advancement of technology has solved this riddle. Organic Rankin Cycle (ORC) and Kalina Cycles can be utilized to convert 100% of the waste heat into additional electric. This has the effect of increasing micro turbine electric efficiency from 30% to 39-42%.


The market potential of this is huge since micro turbine-based CHP plants would be economically viable for all new construction. ORC and Kalina Cycle heat-to-electric machines have been utilized in industrial and geo-thermal applications for decades. However, in the last year, a leading micro turbine manufacturer (Calnetix) has engineered and brought to market an ORC designed specifically to convert the waste heat of 5 micro turbines to additional 125 kW of electricity. Preon has recently obtained an LOI for an 18-micro turbine CHP plant for a mixed use commercial high rise in Chicago and is working closely with a NYC engineering firm about integrating micro turbines in a 5-building commercial plaza in the Bronx.