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Each Preon Office integrates with 5 local constituent groups:

  • Electrical and Mechanical Contractors
  • Building Operators and Maintenance Association (BOMA) and US Green Building Council (USGBC)
  • Specifying Engineers and Architects
  • CHP Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Energy Services Company (ESCO), US Department of Energy, US Department of Agriculture, Utilities and Local CHP Associations


Fundamentally, there are 3 stages to the sales development of CHP:

a.) Obtain Energy Records: either legacy electric and gas bills for existing construction or architects projected energy use for new construction;

b.) Utilization of Preon Economic Pro forma Spread Sheets: 8 different formats are used based on the type of building and commercial application – CHP is especially attractive when electrical or mechanical upgrades are needed for existing construction. In many markets, CHP always is an economic advantage for new construction;

c.) CHP Implementation Alternatives: Equipment Purchase or Internal Lease, Power Purchase Agreement, Energy Savings Lease or Energy Savings Performance Contract. Preon has the ability to facilitate all Alternatives


All Sales Offices utilize a consistent Sales Closing Process:

  1. Internal Audit
  2. Client Review of Internal Audit
  3. Initial Power Point Presentation
  4. Factory Visit
  5. Final Presentation and Budget Quote
  6. Letter of Intent
  7. Engagement Fee
  8. Firm Quote
  9. PO and PO Acceptance Letter


Preon can facilitate the process in 4-6 weeks but almost certainly the client will take an additional month or two to internally review Preon’s work product. As mentioned, Preon can present the CHP proposal in all formats: Equipment Purchase/Internal Lease, Power Purchase Agreement, Energy Savings Lease or Energy Savings Performance Contract.


Furthermore, Preon has established a rental program for mobile micro turbine skids to facilitate the remote gas industry as it transforms from diesel (reciprocating engine) gensets to more economic and environmentally sound gas micro turbines.


Preon’s Sales Department (like Service Department) is a Regional Charter and is facilitated by all Preon office locations.