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Preon’s 5 Business Groups are Sales, Business Development, R&D/Engineering, Application Engineering and Service.


Preon is a “vendor agnostic” Energy Integator but has the ability to purchase all power generation and control equipment at factory-direct pricing.  This allows for low cost when provisioning products and direct access to factory spare parts when maintaining products in the field for our clients. Preon considers the listed manufacturers to be “best of breed” within their respective field. It was realized that the legacy data center clients have a power platform that included a balanced and continuous need for electric power and cooling. This was the perfect application for on-site generation of power since the exhaust heat could be utilized for a “free” source of cooling energy. Most recently CHP and DG has been applied to commercial high-rise buildings as the “spark gap” between electric utility and natural gas becomes more and more favorable for the initiative to “self-generate”. Furthermore, the recent Federal Stimulus Package has provided for up to 30% of the capital cost of a CHP plant. The demand for Preon product and service offerings has been accelerating since Q2 2009 and Preon is a leading micro turbine power plant developer for remote gas operations. Across all PQ and DG product lines Preon provides extensive service on product after the sale. Product, service plus Preon’s ability to engineer customized solutions sets our firm apart from all Energy Integrators.


Each Preon Office sustains the regional Preon company charter (Business Groups) for Sales and Service. Some Preon Offices also serve as the national company charter for specific Business Groups.