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As an energy integrator, Preon provides the most comprehensive and highest quality product and service offerings to the critical and on-site power generation industries. The focus is with commercially viable technologies but with segue for tomorrow’s solution – with an emphasis on GREEN technologies and renewable energy.

Preon designs, implements and maintains on-site power generation equipment and turnkey CHP (Combined Heat and Power) plants operating in urban areas on microtrubines and natural gas. Preon has provided microturbine CHP plants on the roofs of 3 new Chicago Police Stations.  Preon also provides engineer solutions with microturbines for Exxon Mobile in the gas fields of Wyoming and Utah. In December 2011, Preon recieved it's first contract for a microturbine CHP plant in New York City at Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Plaza in Brooklyn. A Letter of Intent for a CHP project has been tendered from a an international parcel terminal in Manhattan in Q1 2012.

Preon is also a leader in the implementation of renewable energy on-site power. A Lettter of Intent indicates a contract for a 4 MW gasification plant for the Cramerton Green Villages of North Carolina will be secured in Q1 2012. This would be the first Net-Zero Energy / Net-Zero Waste community in the US. This CHP plant will utlize recipricating engine-generators fueled by syngas from zero-emissions gasifier. The biomass used to create the syngas is a blend of chicken parts from a local rendering facility, wood chips and tires.

Preon Solutions Business Groups include: Sales, Business Development, Engineering/R&D, Application Engineering and Service. Preon R&D and Engineering divisions design custom solutions and pave the way for next-generation energy plants: gas-to-liquid (GTL) with a Fischer Tropsch "micro-plant".



Preon Bio-Syn Fuel division opens in Q1 2012 out of St Louis with R&D efforts focused on Fischer Tropsch "micro-plant" to create biodiesel out of syngas derrived from biomass.